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The importance of consulting health professionals

Diet plans and programs may suggest or indicate a determined amount of associated weight loss, but this number is only a guide since each individual responds in his or her own particular way. It is therefore necessary to consult your doctor and/or nutritionist before starting any type of diet plan or program regardless of whether it is to lose weight or not. Health professionals are qualified to guide you towards achieving the best results possible from a determined diet plan or program. It is always prudent and necessary to consult a doctor before beginning any type of physical exercise. Physical exercise and physical exercise plans must be determined and periodically monitored by a health professional. It is equally important to have your doctor perform a periodic health checkup regardless of whether you exercise or follow some type of diet plan or program.

Professional nutritional advice and support

Diet Plans: The Saint Gottard® 20-day Weight-Loss Plan, Saint Gottard Slim & Fruit ®, Saint Gottard Slim & Fruit ® Multimax, Saint Gottard Slim & Fruit ® Fitness, their menus and the nutrition facts provided on our website were established by licensed nutritionist María Valeria Dilosa MP 802.

Licensed nutritionist María Valeria Dilosa graduated from FASTA University with a degree in Nutrition. Her professional career includes the following achievements:

• Graduate course in Obesity. Favaloro University, 2003. Internship Coordinator, Normal Nutrition Department, FASTA University, September 2001 – April 2008.
• Argentinean Association of Dietitians and Nutritionist-Dietitians (AADYN) delegate for the distribution of the Argentinean Dietary Guidelines in Mar del Plata.
• Senior Lecturer, Sports Nutrition Course, Center for Physical Activity Studies (CEAF) Mar del Plata.
• Senior Lecturer, University Nutrition and Diet Therapy Program for Older Adults, National University of Mar del Plata, March 2002 – March 2005.
• Graduate course in Kinanthropometry, International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, 2011.
• Senior Lecturer, Department of Food Preservation and Nutrition, L’Ecole Culinary School, 2001 – 2004.