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Gotu kola is traditionally used to help withcellulite*.

Cellulite is a local metabolic disorder of the subcutaneous tissue that alters one’s figure and skin topography, giving the characteristic "orange peel” appearance.It appears most often in the pelvic region, lower limbs and abdomen.Cellulite does not equal obesity.With obesity, only adipose hypertrophy and hyperplasia appears, and it’s not limited necessarily to the thighs, abdomen and pelvic region; with cellulite, however, microcirculation, the skinand adipocytes are altered in various ways.This leads to morphological, histochemical, biochemical and structural changes.Cellulite is not a pathological condition; rather, it is an esthetic problem that occurs in most women.

Factors that give rise to Cellulite

• Gender:85%-95% frequency in women compared to 5% in men.
• Ethnicity:Caucasian women tend to have more cellulite than Asian or African women.
• Biotype:Latin women develop more cellulite around the buttocks than Anglo-Saxon and Northern European women, who develop it mainly in the abdominal region.

Estrogen, the primary female sex hormone, encourages the development of cellulite by stimulating the production of fibroblasts and increasing adipocyte activity, which causes cellulite nodules to form.Consequently, cellulite appears most often during pregnancy, menopause or hormonal therapy.


One’s diet, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercise and tobacco and alcohol use all contribute to the formation of cellulite.
Stress and anxiety lead to an increase in catecholamines, which participate in fat formation.

Functional ingredients

(*) Gotu kola
Contains asiaticoside, which helps protect vascular tissue and stimulate collagen biosynthesis.Scientific studies indicate that this plant species, which has been widely associated with treating cosmetic problems, can be used in cases of skin photoaging, cellulite and stretch marks since it promotes microcirculation among other benefits.Specifically, these studies have reported significant reductions in the diameter of adipocytes, especially in the gluteo-femoral region, with diminishes intra-adipose tissue fibrosis.

Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo’s heart-shaped leaves are rich in flavonoids, terpenes, ginkgolides and antioxidant substances that promote circulation.These substances help reduce blood viscosity, inhibit the platelet activating factor (PAF), reduce vascular permeability and improve vascular tone, which leads to improved microcirculation.

This brownish alga mainly contains iodine and mucilaginous polysaccharides that can help with intestinal transit and control weight.

Green Tea and Green Coffee
Methylxanthines, such as the caffeine present in Green Tea and Green Coffee, are ingredients commonly used in cellulite-related products to help with the lipolysis of adipocytes by inhibiting phosphodiesterase and increasing AMP nucleotides. Among Green Coffee’s components, chlorogenic acid stands out in particular.The consumption of this antioxidant acid has been shown to help reduce body fat by regulating glucose metabolism.

Vitamins A and E
The undeniably beneficial role of both these essential vitamins in treating skin problems has been soundly documented and scientifically recognized over the years,especially its role as an skin anti-aging agent.



- Gotu Kola (Hydrocotile asiatica L.), leaf extract …. 100 mg
- Ginkgo biloba, leaf extract ...................................... 80 mg
- Fucus (Fucusvesiculosus L.), seaweedextract .... 50 mg
- Green tea (Camellia sinensis L.), extract ............... 50 mg
- Green Coffee (Coffee arabiga L.), extract ............ 25 mg
- Vitamin A (100% RDI) ............................................ 600 µg
- Vitamin E (100% RDI) ............................................. 10 mg

Boxes of 30 capsules, and blister packs with 10 capsules.

1 capsule daily.

Please consult your physician before consuming this product. Not to be used during pregnancy and nursing. Not to be used by children. Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children.

Store is a dry place at room temperature.

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