header mission and quality policy

Our Vision
To consolidate the company’s international leadership by creating, developing and selling natural, high value-added products, all while taking into account ways in which to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of our consumers.

To provide our customers with the opportunity to partake in the pleasure of drinking an exceptional tea.To ensure our customers of the quality of our products through the commitment to excellence we show in our processes and our care for the environment, all while highlighting the natural benefits our products provide for living a longer and better life.


• Quality
We are passionately committed to providing excellence in quality and believe in the lasting importance of healthy and delicious products made from natural ingredients.

• Innovation
We are deeply committed to continuous improvement, innovative solutions and providing satisfaction so that our products are held in high esteem and are selected and recommended by our customers and consumers.

• Knowledge
We believe that aromatic herbs and medicinal plants contribute greatly to medicine and the health and well-being of the population.Our professional team of experts combines traditional uses and modern science in their pleasing endeavor to create new products.

• Effectiveness
Our products are based on international research, created with the highest quality raw materials and subject to controls that ensure their effectiveness, safety and authenticity.

Quality policy
To be a sustainable company while adapting quickly to the needs and expectations of the market and our customers.Our business is dedicated to continuous improvement in productivity, efficiency and effectiveness by continually optimizing our procedures in order to achieve and maintain excellence in each of our products while adhering to the applicable health and quality standards.We respond to our suppliers and customers quickly, effectively and in a personalized manner by providing professional, cordial and respectful service.By providing training and augmenting the qualifications of our employees, we foster increased responsibility, team spirit and a dedication to quality in order to create a safe, efficient, pleasant and organized work environment.