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Quality and Safety Manual


Laboratorios Pharmamerican has established a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in order to contribute to sustainable human development by generating social, economic and environmental value through the following actions:

• Ensuring that its employees are engaged in socially responsible behavior while exercising their daily duties.
• Promoting work relations based on equal opportunity, non-discrimination and respect for diversity while developing a safe and healthy work environment.
• Fostering effective communication with our team.
• Respecting human rights, promoting life with dignity and condemning child labor as well as forced labor.
• Developing responsible work practices, establishing transparent processes and providing consumers with all the relevant information about its products..
• Promote transparent relationships that are mutually beneficial for society.
• Undertaking the commitment for future generations to suitably manage aspects pertaining to environmental impact and fostering an environmental culture by complying with the law and using resources in a rational manner.
• Encourage socially responsible actions from local suppliers through our selection and contracting procedures.