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Development and packaging of natural products with your brand name by those who know most.

• Premium Quality.
• Made to Order.
• Affordable prices.

Using all-natural raw materials, our specialized professional team develops teas in tea bags and dietary supplements (herbs, vitamins, and minerals in capsules) with our client's own brand name (private label).We develop products using either our own established product list, or new specifications at the client's request.We utilize high-technology equipment to manufacture our products, all under the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) norms, in our plant in the General Savio Industrial Park.

With the objective to offer excellent service as well as to satisfy the expectations of our clients, Laboratorios Pharmamerican is equipped with:

• A research and development department with professionals specialized in natural products, as well aspharmacists, chemists, nutritionists and graphic designers.
• A Sampling Room for the quality control of raw materials.
• A Processing Room where the automatic grinding and sifting of vegetable raw materials takes place.
• A weighing area where raw materials are weighed and separated according to our master formulas.
• A Preparation Room for the blending and flavoring of the product before packaging.
• 5 Production Rooms for the filling and packing of tea bags, capsules, bottles, boxes and other processes.
• A Final Packaging Room for the automatic encoding, dating, and final wrapping of the product for delivery.
• 7 individual Storage Areas for our stocks of vegetable raw materials, non-vegetable raw materials, packing materials, products ready for packaging, finished products, and imported products.
• A Quality Control Laboratory for the inspection and control of the raw materials, production line, and finished products.An additional laboratory exists for the microbiological inspection and control of foods and medicinals.

Our comprehensive solution for the development and packaging of natural products with your own brand name can include:

• Development of formulas for teas, herbal teas and infusions in tea bags utilizing:Pure aromatic herbs, aromatic herb blends, teas with green tea and Pu-Erh tea, infusions with dehydrated fruit pieces, functional teas (with health benefits), teas to supplement weight-loss diets, flavored teas, yerba mate teas, pure medicinal herbs, medicinal herb blends, etc.
• Development of formulas for dietary supplements utilizing:herbs, vitamins, and minerals in capsules or tablets. Comprehensive development of packaging for natural products in boxes, tea bags, blister packs, and bottles for capsules or tablets.
• Packaging and boxing of teas in individually wrapped tea bags.
• Encapsulation, blister packaging, boxing, or packaging in bottles for dietary supplements.
• Quality control of raw materials, production processes, and finished products.Physiochemical and microbiological controls that guarantee the quality, product specifications, and sanitary exigencies for the client.
• Official certification of products developed and produced for sale in both Argentina and abroad.
• The importation and exportation of raw materials and finished products.

For further details concerning the development and packaging of natural products with your own brand name, please contact us.It would be a pleasure to collaborate in the growth and innovation of your company by offering premium-quality designs and products.